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When John Huston watched Steven Speilberg’s Jaws, he told him that was the way they should have done Moby Dick, Huston’s classic film that had a good deal of

trouble with the mechanical whale. Speilberg pointed out the technology he used did not exist when Huston was filming Moby Dick.


Huston’s response?


“That’s no excuse. We should have invented the technology.”


No two productions are alike, and because that is the way JB Bruno approaches projects, he has seen some unique projects through to successful completion.


In 1997, JB Bruno line produced a feature script with period elements – a lead character, Johnny Twennies, who lived as though it was still the 1920s. The script, by lead actor Gibson Frazier and first-time feature director Adam Abraham, was a musical, with over 70 speaking roles, to be shot on 35MM film and printed to Black-and-White as a stylistic choice.


On a modest budget under the SAG Modified Low Agreement, the film went on to win the Audience Award at Slamdance and was released by Fine Line Features.


Achchamundu! Achchamundu!


Achchamundu!Achchamundu! was the first Tamil-American co-production shot on a RED. US-trained writer/director Arun Vaidyanathan directed Tamil stars Sneeha and Prassanna as well as American star John Shea in this ground-breaking Tamil movie exploring child predators.


The film went on to win the Home Grown Award at the 2009 Garden State Film Festival and was well-received in Tamil’s bustling film market in India.



Letters for Raisa


Indonesian director Rako Prijanto is one of the most prolific and successful directors 

in Indonesia, have one film win a Citra Award (the Indonesian Oscar) as well as being nominated for Best Director for another.  The film featured Indonesian pop 

star Raisa.


Because of scheduling issues, Rako, his key creative and the actors arrived only 13 

hours before filming began on the New York portion of the shoot, which including filming in many iconic sections of NY including the Carousel in Central Park, Times Square and Long Island’s MacArthur Airport.

Fire Lotus Entertainment’s talented team did all of the prep work with the key creative remotely. The Result? The New York Portion of the production came in on 

time and under budget.


What They All Had in Common

In each successful case above, JB Bruno was able to work with talented filmmakers 

and adjust to their special needs. Indeed, as John Frankenheimer said, our job is to 

provide a path for creative people to do what they do best in a supportive and 

positive atmosphere.

You bring the will. We’ll bring the way!

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